Hi, I’m Reneé Healy

I’m a watercolor and multimedia artist from Tacoma, Washington. I’ve traveled extensively from teaching at impoverished schools in India to Monet’s Garden in Giverney, France. Teaching art comes naturally as sharing with others the skills I was afforded is the magic thread of gold that creates unity in life.

I’m an accomplished illustrator, author, gallery owner, and retired crisis therapist who now cares for my mom with dementia. I use art as a therapeutic and teaching tool on my Youtube channel and I teach private and group classes in my Tacoma studio and gallery. I have two grown daughters with three beautiful grandchildren!

I’ve always been an artist

When I look at my life’s journey, I realize I’ve been creating all my life. The creative journey defines me as a person, and I love sharing my passion for creating art with you. I think it is important to recognize that many talented artists abandon their passion for art when life presents too many obstacles. We need encouragement, training, and advice to flourish as artists.

As a child, I painted on wooden boards and earned my first “Artist of the Year” award in 9th grade. As a young adult, I found Val Persoon, a talented watercolor artist in Gig Harbor, Washington. Val became my teacher and mentor. She helped me cultivate my talent and, after I took 18-year hiatus to raise my two daughters, Val encouraged me to return to art as a vocation. With her encouragement, I took her class in 1998, and have been painting continuously ever since.

soft watercolor painting of grapes

Reneé’s mom, Fredaline, sharing her artwork

Art is a tool for transformation

Art can help people process and address the difficulties of their lives, transforming moments of severe despair into times of hope. Educated with a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling & Psychology, I regularly use art as a tool for crisis intervention in my work as a mental health counselor in Tacoma, WA. I also saw transformation in action during an incredible opportunity when I traveled to India in 2004 to teach art to underprivileged children. I currently teach a weekly course for seniors with dementia, bringing the healing power of play and creating art to my own mom, one of Tacoma’s first female police officers.

Paintings inspired by the Pacific Northwest

My favorite painting subjects are often found in the nature of the Pacific Northwest. They include dragonflies, hummingbirds, and crows. I love to incorporate unusual perspectives and techniques to expand my boundaries and originality. I have experimented with glazes and painting on pieces of bisque and Raku, work in oils, painting on silk, and multimedia techniques to enhance watercolors.

Large watercolor painting of a wolf in a rustic frame in a gallery

Visit me at Thirty8th Creates in Tacoma

You can find my art, and that of other local artists, on display and available for purchase at Thirty8th Creates, 764 S 38th St. Tacoma, WA. In shared space with FabLab Education, I opened Thirty8th Creates in 2012 as a magical place where people would come to be inspired and learn. The gallery and studio is full of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics).

Find Reneé Healy at art shows and in galleries

My work is currently displayed and available for purchase at Thirty8th Creates in Tacoma, WA. I regularly hold and participate in shows in the Pacific Northwest Region; please see my event page for dates and locations.

Cover of Renee Healy's book
Cover of Renee Healy's book

My book, You Are Safe in the Universe

You Are Safe in the Universe by Reneé Healy

I wrote You Are Safe in The Universe, a children’s book that includes my signature watercolor paintings, in 2011. It is currently available at Thirty8th Creates and on Amazon.com. “Guided by Mother Earth and Father Sky, Dragonfly travels the world on her mission to spread the message of courage, protection, and love. You Are Safe in the Universe will touch hearts and lives everywhere with its warmth and beauty.”