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Reneé Healy has been creating all her life. As a child she painted on wooden boards with acrylics. She was awarded artist of the year in the ninth grade. Inspired and confident of her abilities, several years later she found a watercolor teacher, Val Persoon, teaching in Gig Harbor, Washington. Although the love for painting was exceptionally strong, family and business took priority over her time.


Nearly 18 years later, her family almost grown, Reneé happened upon her mentor, Val Persoon, again and her delight for painting was renewed. She has painted since October of 1998, when invited to a watercolor class at Freighthouse Square in Tacoma, WA. Her first piece, called “Grapes”, inspired her to do a series of pieces featuring that subject. She has been painting continuously since then, and there is not a day in which she stops thinking about creating.


Reneé lives and works in Tacoma, WA. and both of her daughters have moved out and on with their own lives. Along the way, Reneé completed a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling & Psychology, and is currently using art as a tool to work with her clients in crisis intervention. She teaches privately and in 2004 was invited to India to teach underprivileged children. She continues to be involved in arts spaces that allow people to share ideas and create in a safe environment. 


In her artwork, Reneé often steps over the boundaries and paints off the mat to create original works on prints of her art. She has experimented with glazes and painting on pieces of bisque and Raku, works in oils, paints on silk, and is exploring the use of multi-media techniques to enhance her watercolors. She has recently begun classical drawing with Hans Nordlund and Hashpa in Paris.


Reneé is the author of a book titled “You Are Safe in The Universe”, which is illustrated with her artwork. She continues to participate in local art forums.  In 2003 Reneé created Two Vaults Studio/Gallery in Tacoma, and sold it in 2005. Her work is being exhibited at: Belleza Fine Art Gallery, Bisbee, AZ; Main Street Gallery, Chelan, WA; The Birdnest Gallery, Gig Harbor, WA., and La Bella Vita, Black Diamond, WA.

Reneé works in the emergency mental health field and shows during the art festival season in the Pacific Northwest Region.